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TCM Theory – Illness Differentiation (Part 5)

TCM Theory – Illness Differentiation (Part 5)

Externally contracted febrile disease pattern identification

Externally contracted febrile diseases are caused by invasion of external evils and manifest as fever in their early stages. There are two main characteristics of externally contracted febrile diseases: fever and stage by stage development.

Fever results from the battle between ones Zheng Qi and evil Qi and its progress reflects the changing relationship between them. High fever reflects the strength of ones Zheng Qi to a highly toxic evil Qi. Gradually the fever will subside as the Zheng Qi overcomes the evil Qi.

There are three main stages in the development of externally contracted febrile diseases:

  1. the initial stage: the fever is not so severe.
  2. the exuberant heat stage: the fight becomes more intense, and the symptoms are most pronounced which indicates that the disease has reached a climax. This is the most crucial stage, as the strength of patients Zheng Qi determines if he/she shall enter the recovery stage or deteriorate even more, which could lead to death.
  3. the recovery stage: may occur at any time if evil Qi weakens and Zheng Qi strengths that could happen spontaneously or with correct treatment



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