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Tai Na is the Chinese name for massage, and it means to ‘push and to pull,’ this describes the most fundamental action used by your arms to do massage.

Chinese massage is very special as it incorporates many levels of understanding in its treatment including, Chinese medicine diagnostics, Biomechanics, acupuncture theory and the use of acupuncture points for its primary effect to get maximum results.

Chinese massage can be carried out with the clients either fully clothed or certain section of the body bare particularly in the troubled areas. During treatment, the client may also have the option to have some Acupuncture as required, Chinese Cupping or Gua Sha (chinese spooning or scraping).

We can also tailor combined treatments of both Massage and Acupuncture to get maximum results for your particular condition.

Chinese massage is very powerful tool used to not only treat all types of muscular skeletal disorder or sports injuries, but also to restore correct internal organ function. Pressing on blocked acupuncture points can sometimes have an immediate affect on a persons vitality or internal discomforts such as headaches or period pain.
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