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TCM Theory – Illness Differentiation (Part 6)

TCM Theory – Illness Differentiation (Part 6)

Six channel patterns

Six-channel pattern identification belongs to the theoretical system expounded in the book On Febrile Diseases Due to Invasion of Cold and explains the degree of penetration, severity, and acuteness of diseases. This method of identification is not only used for diagnosing and treating diseases caused by external cold, but also for hot internal conditions. It also represents the development and application of the theory of channels and collateral’s from The Internal Classic.

Eight-principle in relation to the six levels:

Taiyang – exterior cold

Shaoyang – interior heat, interior fullness

Yangming – evil that is half in the exterior and half in the interior

Taiyin – damage to spleen by cold

Juiyin – interior deficiency and cold-heat complex

Shaoyin – heart/kidney deficiency and general weakness


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